Therapeutic Gargling : TG

  • ❇️TG= Therapeutic Gargling: 

🗣MostHelpful if started early

🗣Helps even if started late, reduce viral load. ? May be able to reduce the severity of illness. 

🗣Wash the bugs out of nasopharynx. 

🗣The more you wash away the bugs the better it is. 

🗣10 times in the first 24 hrs then 5-6 times/d

🗣If you don’t like to add anything just do it with lukewarm sterile or boiled Chlorinated water 

⁉️Evidence is anecdotal. So far it’s not evidence based. Only common sense approach: wash the bugs out of Nasopharynx. 

🔴Japan : 

Therapeutic gargling: most commonly done in Japan

Preventing URI

Gargle TID : Povidine-Iodine / other mouthwashes 

Furushima D et al. Molecules. 2018 Jul 20;23(7)

TG: Rx complimentary treatment for URI

🟣 Spanish Flu: 1918-1919 : Japan Rx : Inoculations, Face masks and Gargling (Journal of Japanese Studies 1993) : Japanese mortality was lowest during that pandemic. 

🛑Covid 19 : stats once again Japan did it again. 

       Japan: 4/24/20 : cases: 12,388;  Death: 318


USA     4/24/20:  cases: 953,000 Death: 53600

🛑Millions of Japanese students / adults patients and nursing home residents regularly gargles. 

🅾️Gargling to prevent influenza with tea catechin extract 1.3% in a nursing home in contrast to a rate of 10% controls, (Yamada H et al. J Alt Comp Med 2006;12(7):669.

⭕️Satamura K et al. Am J Prev Med 2005;29(4):302-7 : one study showed gargling with chlorinated tap water is superior to Povidine-Iodine. 

⛔️ Start gargling early, frequently &  consistently. 

🔴Infectious agents are most vulnerable in the earlier part of the infectious process before they have chance to invade the tissue. 

🔴Wash the bugs out of the oropharynx before they enter into the tissues

🔴 As we know the infection depends upon the dose of the bugs and the virulence and the infectivity of the bugs. Gargling will definitely reduce the dose of bugs. If and when you add small doses of Hydrogen peroxide low strength 0.5% or Betadine ( It is not the one use externally. Not available in USA.) might reduce the virulence & infectivity of the bugs. But be careful it was not tested and use smaller dosage and lower concentration to be safe. 


TG (Therapeutic Gargling)

Just a suggestions for Covid 19

🗣Start early for short term use:

👉🏿On coming contact with infected person

👉🏿Health care personnel : attending any Covid patient

👉🏿Attending a code of a Covid patient, intubating a Covid patient 

👉🏿Any strange feeling, fever, cough, shortness of breath, URI s/s

👉🏿PGE : prophylactic gargling in epidemic 5X/d

👉🏿Just Sterile / boiled water / easy thing is to turn the hot water on & make it lukewarm (not totally sure about this)/ add Betadine Povidine / iodine (not the one used externally) / Hydrogen peroxide 0.5% / Distilled Alcohol (no rubbing alcohol, alcohol may or may not work due to low concentration, may cause severe dryness of mucosa, not recommended 100%).

🛑Betadine: It is not the one use externally. Not available in USA.  Can NOT use it if allergic to Iodine. 

👉🏿Not evidence base. 

👉🏿Hypothesis. Needs further evaluation. 

👉🏿 You can wash the nose with water, Betadine, or hydrogen per oxide. Do NOT swallow these, do not use it in the eyes. Read before using these agents. 

🗣If nothing else wash the bugs out & reduce the viral load. 

👨‍⚕️👨🏼‍🍳👩🏿‍💻👨🏽‍💼Ask your Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist, CDC, I sent this to CDC already. Every wants double blind study.

Question: I can wash the bugs off of my hands, can I wash  the bugs out of my Nasopharynx? ( I under sand its not a cure, its not going to do anything to bug already invaded the cells)


Low dose Zinc lozenge one q 2 hrs for few weeks not months +

🗣Read about therapeutic gargling articles.

🛑Read about Hydrogen peroxide. Read about Betadine : It I not the same used externally.

Read this article


👉🏿The Viral load in throat: 

🟣 throat swab and sputum peaked at around 5–6 days 

🟣on day 8 post-onset from a patient who died had a very high viral load (1·34 × 1011 copies per mL). 

👉🏿 mouth wash / gargle study. In Pakistan. 


👉🏿Human bodies fight off invading organisms

👉🏿Defense: skin, mucous, stomach acid. 

👉🏿If we inhale a virus, mucous traps it and tries to expel it. 

Then : immune system, Phagocytes, then Lymphocytes. 



❇️ Not political JUST FACTS :

Death toll JapanUSA
Japan vs USA


In Japan wearing mask is very important. Not wearing shoes in the house. Clean toilet, restaurants, water, air, & themselves. Washing hands. Avoiding hugs and hand shakes. Lack of speaking in public transportation, not eating food bare hands, few religious gatherings. 


Mass testing. 

Isolating early. 

Admitting to hospital early (isolating). 

Testing ½ million / week

Trust in government. 

Chancellor preparedness. 

Chancellor is scientist herself.