This app is about improving the visual recall, possibly improving memory and relationships and recognize family members.

I am a neurologist and I see a lot of people with memory issues. In the early part of the memory loss patients didn’t have much of the problem but as they are getting worse they can’t remember or recognize family members. We showed them the pictures and they sometime could not recognize them. So I developed this game where they could improve the visual recall they could enjoy the time playing this game alone and all with other family members maybe the spouse or the children. This will make them feel better and visual recall will improve. Children can use this app as well. They can play alone and or in a group situation where they can quiz each other about the cousins and other remote family members. This game definitely will improve the relationship of the young children as well as the older.

l improve the relationship of the young children as well as the older.

We put a lot of effort and thought into this app. You will not only enjoyed this app but it will help recognizing the family members. One time one of my patients recognized her daughter with the name and she got so happy that she started crying with the joy. Just imagine that the grandchild recognize the grand parent when he sees them for the first time. This app definitely will help in the situations. This app will definitely help in those situation.